York Rite Freemasonry – The Journey Continues
A YouTube Video produced by the Grand Commandery of Indiana

As you’ve seen in the video, York Rite Masonry is a collaborative series of degrees bestowed across three independent bodies. These 10 degrees continue the Masonic education and search for more light.

The three bodies are a Royal Arch Chapter, Council of Royal & Select Master Masons and a Commandery of Knights Templar. Each body is organized and run similar to how a Blue Lodge operates. There is a presiding “Master” in the East with a line of officers in the West, South and in positions of Wardens, Tylers, etc. Meetings are held separately by each body and there are separate memberships, by-laws and dues.You join each body sequentially and the degrees are earned in order.
Maintaining membership in each body is required retain all subsequent degrees. That is to say, a Knight Templar must maintain membership in the Chapter and Council; the Royal and Select Master must maintain membership in Chapter and Council. If you demit or suspend from an earlier body, the later body membership is suspended too.
This, of course holds true if your blue lodge membership is not current. All Masonic appendent bodies i.e. Shrine, Grotto, Scottish Rite, etc. require keeping memberships in blue lodge current.

Getting Started – There are several Royal Arch Chapters on the South Shore:

  • Pentalpha Royal Arch Chapter 610 Broad St East Weymouth MA
  • Secretary David. D. D’Amato
  • St Stephen’s Royal Arch Chapter 85 Central St Hingham MA
  • Secretary Robert E. Whitehouse
  • Samoset Royal Arch Chapter 420 Furnace St Marshfield MA
  • Secretary Carl E. Russell
  • Neponsett Valley Royal Arch Chapter 76 Day St Norwood MA
  • Secretary┬áPeter A. Randall
  • Santucket/Pilgrin Royal Arch Chapter 279 Prospect St Brockton MA
  • Secretary Michael K Richards
  • Mt Zion Royal Arch Chapter 925 Pleasant St Stoughton MA
  • Secretary Howard Hansen
  • Mt. Vernon Royal Arch Chapter 1101 Highland Ave Needham MA
  • Secretary Donald D. MacPhee

Contact the Secretary of your selected Royal Arch Chapter with questions or to request a petition form.. The first 4 listed have a hyperlink. Click on the blue “Secretary” and an email will open for you to send your request. The others will require regular mail. Note that Pentalpha Royal Arch Chapter has a link below to download the Petition.

To Join Pentalpha Royal Arch Chapter which meets on the same night at the same lodge as Temple Council and South Shore Commandery #15 so you may attend the regular monthly meetings of all three at one time, click on the Petition for Membership link below.

PENTALPHA ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER – Petition for Membership

Click on the the petition for membership Print down and complete it adding your Grand Lodge MORI number across the top of the petition. This is your membership number on your current dues card. . Be sure to print name, email, date and place of birth legibly. Mail per instruction on form.

If you are already a Royal Arch Mason and would like to petition for the Council of Royal and Select Master Mason degrees and membership, click on the


Petition for Membership

Print down and complete the form.Include MORI Number across the top of the petition Mail per instructions on form.

If you are already both a Royal Arch Mason and a Royal & Select Master Mason, you may petition for the Order of the Red Cross, Order of Malta and the Order of the Temple and become a Knight and member of South Shore Commandery #15 by clicking on the petition


Petition for Membership

Print down and complete the form. Include MORI Number across the top of the petition. Mail per instructions on form.

You may request all three or 2 or 1 as needed. They will be processed and balloted at each required body but can all be approved in the same time frame. You will be contacted and assigned a mentor and meeting date to begin your journey if approved.

We look forward to sponsoring you and guiding you through this quest.