How do I become a Knight Templar?
To petition a Commandery of Knights Templar for membership, you must first be a member of a Masonic Lodge and the other affiliated pre-requisite bodies; a Royal Arch Chapter and a Council of Royal and Select Masters. To petition a Commandery one must profess a belief in the Christian Religion. (Grand Encampment Knights Templar or GEKT http://www.knightstemplar.org/faq1.html )


Are there religious activities within the meetings?
The Order of Knights Templar is no substitute for church activity and interest. Templary claims to be the handmaiden of the Christian Church and encourages its members to be supportive and active in the Church of his choice. (GEKT)


Are there prayers or services?
There are prayers to open and close meetings similar to many fraternal organizations or like Congressional sessions. They are to remind us of our Faith and the Pledges we made as Masons and Knights Templar to live and work with God’s help and guidance. We also observe and encourage members and their families to celebrate three special Christian Holy Days. Easter is a hallowed day in the Templar calendar. Marking as it does the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Easter represents the summit of all hopes of our Christian Faith. The Grand Encampment especially encourages every Sir Knight to attend the church of his choice on that great day in celebrating the great victory of Christ over death. Every Commandery is encouraged to hold a Public Christmas Observance in December. This is a joyous occasion to celebrate the birth of the Savior of Mankind. This observance may be held on any day of the week and need not be at the time of meeting of the Commandery. It usually encompasses an open public meeting with Knights, their families and friends, local clergy and other dignitaries. There is a shared meal, speeches, toasts and Christmas music and singing carols. It’s not a religious service as much as a Christmas gathering.

Are Knight Templars Masons?
Yes, but not all Masons are Knight Templars


Are Shriners also Knights Templar?
Some Shriners are, but all are Masons. The Shriners and KT are separate independent bodies but both require that you first become a Master Mason
How much does it cost to joins the Knights Templar?
Petition Fee is typically $40-45 At South Shore it’s $40


How much are the annual dues?
The average is $35. At South Shore Commandery it’s $33

Is attendance required?
No, but it is encouraged. Think it through, if you want to get something out of this experience, you need to put time into it.The investment reaps rewards.


How long does it take for one to become a Knight Templar?
Typically, about six months.

How Long does it take to receive all prerequisite York Rite degrees?
To receive all pre-requisite York Rite Degrees is typically 18 months.The 4 Royal Arch degrees are done one each every other month with degree proficiency exemplified in the off months The 3.Royal and Select Master Mason degrees take 6 months following the same pattern of degree – exemplification – degree – exemplification, etc. The 3 Orders of the Commandery follow this pattern too and take 6 months. Because each body meets September to June (dark July and August) and September has installations, December has Christmas celebrations, February has the Inspection and Review, there are not a lot of open meetings to accelerate the process. There is also a lot of rehearsal for each degree by the brothers so they’ll be impressive events. It’s worth the wait.


Can a Knight Templar’s wife attend Meetings?
No, but many functions are for both.


What is the Scottish Rite? How is it different from York Rite?
Scottish Rite is series of 29 Degrees, teaching by drama, the moral and religious philosophies of Masonry. The candidate attends each presentation in a theater environment and affirms an obligation to keep sacred the lessons learned. There organization is called a “Valley” and is regional with typically 2 meetings per year with 4 degrees offered at each meeting. It takes 3 and a half years to completed all 29 degrees.
York Rite is an affiliation of 3 separate concordant bodies; Royal Arch Chapter, Council of Royal & Select Master Masons and the Knights Templar. There are 10 degrees received across the groups sequentially culminating in the Order of the Temple. Your are a member of each group and each meets monthly with structure and practices very like Blue Lodge. It takes 2 years to receive all degrees.


What does it cost to join Royal Arch Chapter and what are annual dues?
Petitions are typically $35 – 40 with annual dues typically $33-45 depending one which local organization you select. St Stephens and Pentalpha petitions are $30 with annual dues of $35


Are there Officer Lines in Knights Templar similar to Blue Lodge?
Yes. Some titles are the same like Junior & Senior Warden, Treasurer and Tyler, but other like Eminent Commander versus Worshipful Master, Recorder versus Secretary and Prelate versus Chaplain. In a similar way, some offices are elected and others are by appointment by the Emminent Commander.


Do I need or can I use my tuxedo from Blue Lodge if I join the officer ranks of KT?
No. As a military styled organization, there are proscribed uniform requirements for the officers. All Knights receive three medals to be worn at meetings (called Conclaves). These are the Order of the Red Cross, Order of Malta and Order of the Temple. Non Officers are expected to wear a suit or jacket and tie with their medals over their left breast in a proscribed order. Officers must wear a double breasted black suit, black tie, KT chapeau, white gloves and sword. These require some increased financial commitment but wear well, very well, if you’ve ever seen a Division of Knights Templar marching in a community parade, you’ll know what that means. This is much like the requirement of Shriners joining individual uniformed units. Take due notice thereof and govern yourself accordingly.