Centennial Report 1870 – 1970 – Past Commander William J. Williams (1959) delivered the 100 year anniversary report providing a uniue look at the start growth and evolved history of our Commandery. A list of Past masters to that point and how consolidations of neighboring commanderies shaped what we are today.

Past Commanders List – Listing of all Past Commanders from South Shore Commandery #31 from 1870 – 1988 and Old Colony Commandery # 15 from 1863 – 1988 when they merged into South Shore Commandery # 15 and Past Commanders from 1988 – present  plus Quincy Commandery #47 from 1911 until 2003 when it also merged with South Shore Commandery # 15.. NOTE – Sir Knight David F. D’Amato, PC 14 years. No other Past Commander comes even close to the longevity and contributions made by this man.

1894 Loyalty Lodge Installation Invitation – Sir Knight Steven Cooper found this gem from an Officer Installation in 1894 in Burmuda. It was rediscovered by a Mason working on a building renovation in Great Britain. It was under the floorboards. Passed through various hands until Steve found it on a Masonic information listing service online. Check out the art work, menu and beverages provided for the installation. They knew how to do it!

Zachariah Lovell Bicknell  – First Commander South Shore Commandery in 1870 was also a very active and prominent resident of Weymouth. Read a brief biography extracted from a family written geneology book.

425 Horses and Thousands of Knights Templar – National Heritage Museum article of the 1895 Boston Parade of the Assembly of the Grand Encampment, including photos and a newspaper report on the parade.

Temple Council Centennial History – Historian Jacob T. Yanovich and presented this report at the 100th Anniversary Dinner held May 28, 2013 in East Weymouth Masonic Temple.